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Protected storage and transport with CARGO containers

CARGO – Highly resilient transport and storage containers. Extremely robust, light weighted and according to ATA 300 (optionally available), which means suitable for air freight. These attributes guarantee a solution of most actual and highest standard for your packaging tasks. The CARGO-transport system is a perfect protection for transport of valuable, sensitive products. Nearly indestructible and in comparison to the volume of light weight, the present standard product range offers solutions for various applications:

  • shuttle packaging
  • storage packaging
  • transport system
  • flight case

The CARGO-system is particularly beneficial for use in worldwide air and sea freight.

Unlimited stackability: Almost all containers with identical ground surface are stackable thanks to features like stacking knobs or stacking skids, forklift feet or shock absorbers. The containers can also be stacked with integrated rollers and pull-out handles: A universal stacking system for optimal surface use.

Individualisation with multi-colour: Uniqueness and better organisation of storage, transport and logistics can be achieved with a multi-coloured variant. This outstanding colour combination is available for all standard sizes. For further information on application possibilities you may contact our sales team.

CARGO cases – the ideal flight cases

Whether for transport by plane to foreign destinations, the exchange shipments of new or spare parts or protected storage - highly resilient containers have various application possibilities. The protected transport of valuable and highly sensitive goods demands high requirements of the used packaging. CARGO containers offer the right design and functionality for any packaging requests. Various customers from aviation and aerospace, medical and measurement technology, military and supply industries as well as mechanical and electrical engineering rely on this packaging knowing that investment in protected transport and storage always is a good one.
The German airline Lufthansa, for example, stores highly sensitive aircraft spare parts in containers of the product line CARGO. In comparison to flight cases made of solid wood material, aluminium profiles and heavy metal fittings such as ball corners, butterfly-locks and steel hinges, CARGO containers have following advantages:

  1. decrease transport costs
  2. save money
  3. preserve health

Thanks to the thermoformed shells made of impact-resistant polypropylene, a robust but in comparison to classical flight cases light weighted container is manufactured. Anyone who has to work with flight cases on a daily basis will be grateful for every kilogram of weight saved – just by the aspect of health. And companies that need to transport goods by plane will be pleased to see a decrease of transport costs.

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The containers of the product line CARGO are variously usable and available in more than 400 standard sizes and 8 different standard colours. If our standard product range does not offer the right case solution for you, our sales team will find an individual solution for your project. Due to the variety of different fittings, a standard sized container can be equipped with individual fittings starting from 1 piece.

A purchase amount of at least 100 pcs and a planned demand over more years makes the construction of a new tool profitable as the customer just has to pay a cost share. For the equipment of the CARGO container

  • 23 handle variants
  • 24 different locks
  • 15 versions of rollers and feet

are available. Furthermore, the branding of logos and letterings via thermoforming, printing or hot embossing for an outward presentation of the company on the case shells is possible. The polypropylene shells are resistant to strongest physical and chemical impact.

Depending on the construction of the containers, strictest civilian and military packaging norms can be fulfilled, e.g. ATA 300 of the aviation industry. All CARGO containers meet class IP54 and can be designed to meet all classes up to IP65 on request.