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CARGO containers,
the ultimate transport boxes

They fulfil nearly every complex packaging and transport norm. From ATA300 of the aviation industry to civilian and military packaging norms. Nearly indestructible, both chemical and mechanical, CARGO containers are always reusable. The form and colour of the containers resist the most extreme ways of strain. If it needs to be outstanding, you may choose packaging solutions of the product line “CARGO”.

Containers in 2-colored-version, stackable and with branding as well as pressure compensation.
Most of your specifications can be realised!
Standard container with hinged carrying handles and strong clamp locks. Stackable version.
One example of a standard sized case that is transformed into a significantly larger version with the help of 4 steering rollers and detachable, high lid.
Trolley container with integrated pull-out handle with yellow shells. This version is despite its rollers stackable.
2-coloured-container, equipped with individual embossing, integrated pull-out handle and rollers.
Standard-system-container. The nubs on the lid fit into bulges that are located at the base of the containers. With this, the containers can be stacked perfectly.
CARGO product features

The case consists of high density polyethylene. Over 400 different case sizes are available:

Smallest case
130 x 154 x 165 mm 
(width | depth | height)*

Largest case
2020 x 875 x 560 mm  
(width | depth | height)*

Furthermore, many special sizes can be individually manufactured, also beyond the largest mentioned case dimensions.

All case sizes are deliverable in small amounts.

* all specifications are usable heights

Standard colours
At least 8 standard colours are available per case size:

  • black
  • white
  • blue
  • yellow
  • orange
  • silver-grey
  • anthracite
  • army-green

Special colours for cases
All case colours can be manufactured in your individual colours. The minimum purchase amount for each case size is different and moves between 200 and 500 pcs.

Fitting parts and accessories
like rollers, pull-out handles, IP65 etc. can be realized according to specifications.

Special sizes
A special feature of the production is the modular construction system of the CARGO-containers. This feature allows a construction of an enlarged container on the basis of a standard sized container. Many unforeseen possibilities can be therefore realised.

We are looking forward to submit a customised offer for your individual case solution.



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Transport containers

as worldwide packaging solution for trade

High-sensitive products and devices for measurement should arrive unharmed at the receiver. In order to guarantee a maximum protection, the containers are made of high density polyethylene.

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