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Individual design and branding

for cases, boxes and containers

Customised cases are top brand ambassadors and especially suitable for purposeful branding. Those who use cases with no or small printings of their company logos, miss many opportunities to leave a lasting impression of their products during sales talks. The cases of KKC are ideal for branding because the motif can be printed on the case-components before they are put together.

Digital printing is a very modern printing technology that allows nearly endless design-possibilities. Gradients in the motif, finest nuances and format-filling images can be easily manufactured. Thanks to sophisticated technology and know-how, we can print your motif on nearly every case surface. Case solutions with individual brandings are perfect advertisement tools.  

Alu Koffer individuell bedruckt
Image motif that uses the entire surface without appearing overly intrusive.
Bedruckte und gelabelte Alu Koffer
Full-surfaced image motifs look especially good on the aluminium case “PEGAR” with its awarded straight design.
Alu Koffer individuell bedruckt
White cases with black fittings und a corresponding logo highlight the motif in an excellent way.
Koffer digital bedruckt
Light and dark colours work together intensively and result in a very appealing branding.
individuelle Präsentationskoffer
A full-surfaced digital printing enables long-lasting advertisement messages and is further underlined by a frame made of aluminium!
individuell bedrucktes Aluetui
On the surface of the left case in the picture is a digital printing. The right case is enriched with a laser engraving on an aluminium sheet. The value is paramount to the product presentation.

Bedruckung des Alukoffer - Rahmen

Besonders und Außergewöhnlich - das sind die Attribute mit denen das einzigartige Branding von KKC Koffer aufwarten kann. Der Alukoffer der Produktlinie PEGAR ist einzigartig im Design und damit prädestiniert für diese ausgefallene Art der Individualisierung. Sie Abheben aus der Masse - das ist mit einer Koffer-Lösung von KKC möglich. Lassen Sie sich inspirieren

individuelle Bedruckung Alu Kofferrahmen
Kofferrahmen Branding Ostern

Case solutions with individual format-filling branding

Advertisement asks for attention and room for presentation. These features are offered by every case, with different possibilities depending on its dimensions. The rooms for advertisement should be used effectively, because they are very prominent and without direct competition. Thanks to the digital printing technology, KKC can realize the most complex image motifs.


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KKC guarantee

Made in Germany – we guarantee spare parts and reparations for at least 2 years since the sales date. Solutions by KKC are always a safe investment.

Customer service

We are ready to advise you! Make a request and you will get an individual offer in time.

Use cases creatively as brand ambassador

using advertising potential through branding

Especially in personal customer contact, individually branded cases create a promotional effect. A print can also attract attention when the suitcase is carried in public, e.g. on the way to the next customer. Set in scene, the motif becomes an eye catcher. With branding you can:

  • present your company philosophy
  • highlight your most important unique selling proposition
  • show your sense of aesthetics
  • effectively advertise your company

A case, whether small or large, becomes a top brand ambassador with a specific print. Use the entire surface, on one or both sides, and benefit from the enormous advertising potential of our high-quality cases.

Branding with modern printing technology

Branding efficient printing technology

KKC Koffer GmbH is a traditional case manufactory with decades of know-how – and at the same time a company that is open to new developments and produces in a way that is as quality-conscious as it is economical. For that reason, we have invested in modern digital printing technology. Digital printing technology is fascinating because it can be used to realise almost any design – and it is also very efficient. What you see on the case after branding is your desired motif in high resolution, with great colours and gradients.

Together to create a great print motif

optimal branding throug individual consulting

You already have a concrete idea of the motif that should decorate your case? Perfect! Then simply send us the relevant data so that we can get an idea and create an individual offer for you. You are not sure which motif is suitable and will attract the most attention and recognition? No problem, our sales representatives will be happy to advise you on the design so that you can convince with your case as an advertising medium.

Your chance for great success

sustainable counts as a recipe for success

At your company, branding is an economic and environmental process. Since we manufacture our … cases in our headquarters, long delivery and waiting times are eliminated. Before the individual case parts are assembled, all required surfaces are printed with the desired motif. Take your chance and let us print your valuable aluminium or plastic case with a stylish and high-quality motif! That way, the practical case becomes an aesthetic advertising medium for more success.


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