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Individual design and branding

for cases, boxes and containers

Customised cases are top brand ambassadors and especially suitable for purposeful branding. Those who use cases with no or small printings of their company logos, miss many opportunities to leave a lasting impression of their products during sales talks. The cases of KKC are ideal for branding because the motif can be printed on the case-components before they are put together.

Digital printing is a very modern printing technology that allows nearly endless design-possibilities. Gradients in the motif, finest nuances and format-filling images can be easily manufactured. Thanks to sophisticated technology and know-how, we can print your motif on nearly every case surface. Case solutions with individual brandings are perfect advertisement tools.  

Image motif that uses the entire surface without appearing overly intrusive.
Full-surfaced image motifs look especially good on the aluminium case “PEGAR” with its awarded straight design.
White cases with black fittings und a corresponding logo highlight the motif in an excellent way.
Light and dark colours work together intensively and result in a very appealing branding.
A full-surfaced digital printing enables long-lasting advertisement messages and is further underlined by a frame made of aluminium!
On the surface of the left case in the picture is a digital printing. The right case is enriched with a laser engraving on an aluminium sheet. The value is paramount to the product presentation.

Case solutions with individual format-filling branding

Advertisement asks for attention and room for presentation. These features are offered by every case, with different possibilities depending on its dimensions. The rooms for advertisement should be used effectively, because they are very prominent and without direct competition. Thanks to the digital printing technology, KKC can realize the most complex image motifs.


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