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Transport container with water-resistant construction – not only for military application

The water-resistant and nearly indestructible cases of the traditional manufacturer SKB from the U.S. Together with the products of the manufacturer Pelicase, the cases of SKB count to the most renowned water-resistant transport solution. Worldwide various companies, from military to companies of the oil- and shipping branch and electronic industries, trust in the quality of these cases.

The variety of available case sizes allows a solution for nearly any application. The water-resistant shell made of polypropylene is combined with professional foam inlays to a complete system. In addition to extreme stability the cases convince with UV-resistance and solvent-resistance.

The full-automatic 2-way-pressure compensation valve makes the case ready for use on land, water and in the air. The handle is covered with material that guarantees comfortable handling. The handle is locked in clicked position, which prevents noise, e.g. whilst transporting it in the boot of your car.


Cases with long tradition – especially in the U.S.

WATERPROOF-S, the water-resistant high-quality cases, made in the U.S. The water-resistant plastic case is well-known by now, as it has already been used in TV commercials by well-known companies. The case can easily be immersed into water without damaging the valuable contents. These robust and nearly indestructible injection-moulded cases were originally designed for the U.S. military. Over the years, they developed into a favoured case for tough working conditions.

The cases of the product line WATERPROOF-S are high-quality products with a lifetime warranty. The case shells made of light weighted but strong polypropylene combined with an all-round rubber seal guarantee a dust and water tightness according to IP67 (IEC 60529).

WATERPROOF-S - cases are available in different sizes and, for an easier transport, equipped with integrated rollers and pull-out handles. Furthermore, the cases are in general 10% lighter than comparable high-quality cases. WATERPROOF-S - cases are stackable and easy to carry thanks to the soft-touch handle. The easy-to-open locks can also be operated with work gloves.

The most important features in detail
Material: WATERPROOF-S - cases are made of polypropylene (PP), especially durable plastics that can endure temperatures up to 100 degree Celsius. The thermic durability allows the application in different climate zones. Polypropylene has in comparison to many other plastics a higher strength and stiffness. Pressure, solvents, UV radiation, water, dust, heath and other impacts cannot harm the thermoplastic hard shells of the case. Cases of the product line WATERPROOF-S are manufactured by injection moulding. The standard colour is black.

Water-resistance: Every case of the product line WATERPROOF-S is water-resistant according to the international protection class 67 (IEC 60529). An integrated rubber seal guarantees water- and dust resistance so that stored products stay clean and dry.

How well a case protects against wetness is shown by the second number of the IP-class:

  • 1 = against drip water
  • 2 = against falling drip water
  • 3 = against falling spray water
  • 4 = against spray water from all sides
  • 5 = against jet water
  • 6 = against strong jet water
  • 7 = against temporary immersion
  • 8 = against long-time immersion

Cases with the international protection class 67 can be immersed temporarily without the risk of water damaging the interior.

Pressure compensation: An integrated 2-way-pressure compensation valve makes the case ready for use on land, water and in the air. The valve works full-automatic.

Weight: If cases have to be water-resistant, a relatively high weight has to be expected, which may be negative for transport and logistics. The total weight of the dispatch increases and the carrying of the case is connected to an extended effort. The weight of WATERPROOF-S - cases is in general 10% lesser than that of comparable cases thanks to the use of polypropylene and an efficient production process.

Trolley function with rollers and pull-out handle: For additional comfort, cases with rollers and pull-out handles are available. Rollers and handles that are integrated into the case corpus decrease the risk of damages of the transported products to a minimum. They are designed to withstand tough conditions. Thanks to roller-systems heavy loads do not have to be carried but can be pulled or pushed without effort. A customized interior design helps to keep the content in place due to the resulting slope during transport.

Stackability: All WATERPROOF-S cases are stackable. An advantage that should not be underestimated.

Handling: The soft-touch handle allows a comfortable carrying of the case. Due to its cover of padded and anti-slip material, the handle lies comfortably in hand. The handle is locked in clicked position, which prevents noise. The locks can be easily opened with work gloves. 

Anti-theft protection: For self-assembly, we offer a set of cylinder locks incl. 2 cylinders, 2 keys and locking clips. These accessories protect against unauthorised access.

Customsation by KKC Koffer GmbH
The aforementioned features are not all advantages of water-resistant cases. Universal cases made in the U.S. combined with valuable foam inlays made by KKC result in appealing complete case systems. With the help of foam paddings and individual milled foam inlays your products can be optimally protected and organised in the case. Customised inlays or tableaus are manufactured with individual cut-outs (product nests), so that products like tools or weapons are fixated and cannot move around. The impact-resistant material provides highest protection.

The most used interior designs in detail:
Inlays: Foam inlays are the most favoured interior designs in our product range. The case inlays are made of robust hard foam (polyethylene foam). The material is light-weighted, very impact-resistant, durable and formable. By means of product’s dimensions, we can produce foam inlays with perfect fit. The foam padding maximizes the transport protection and convinces with a practical structuring for more overview. If the inlays are milled, water jet-cut, form cut or punched depends on the specifications.

On demand, we can realise extras such as lid flaps with nubbed foam, storage compartments for cables or multi-layered elements and brandings. You can find more information on foam inlays made by KKC on our website. 

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Foam padding: The interior of water-resistant cases can be equipped all-round with hard foam layers. The material strength is between 10 and 20 millimetres. This process can be rather costly.

Thermoforming inlay: In comparison to foam, the surface of thermoforming inlays is rather hard, which can lead to chafe marks on tools, devices of measurement and other products. An advantage are the inexpensive unit costs ex 500 pcs purchase amount. 

Less common is the use of divider systems. They are mostly used for the transport of small parts like screws, munition or others in separate sections. In this case, we equip water-resistant cases with grooved foam and variable or fix dividers. Foam padded dividers are also realisable. 
If you need 2 layers in the base part of the case, tableaus are a good choice. The foam elements can be easily removed in order to reach the underlying products.

Do you need power supply, integration of product parts in the outer case shell or connectors? Also for these requirements, we are the right supplier. With drilling- and milling technologies, individual solutions can be precisely produced according to your specifications.