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LIBERO - the elegant folder made of aluminium

Aluminium folders and smaller cases are variants that belong to the product line LIBERO. The LIBERO-case system consists of an aluminium profile-frame available in two heights:

  • 32 mm height
  • 40 mm height

The profile-frame is assembled with impact-resistant plastic connectors, deliverable in 2 different colours. The surface can be selected from a wide range of materials thanks to the production by KKC.

5 different standard materials are available as surfaces. However, this variety can be further extended. Our sales team is looking forward to advise you on this matter. The possible solutions for aluminium folders are nearly endless. The folders of the brand LIBERO are especially suitable for presentation and transport of smaller products and product parts.

The aluminium folder is the ideal solution for presentation of small products

Aluminium folders made by KKC are very suitable to present valuable, small items and hand them over to business partners or customers. The appearance of valuable items can be elegantly and distinctively extended by presenting them in folders because not just the product sample but also the packaging and way of presentation play a crucial part for an outstanding advertisement.

Furthermore, the aluminium folders can be used perfectly for gift packaging and giveaways. Another eye catcher would be the branding of folders. As the branding is applied on the surface before the regular production process, full-surface screen printings or digital printings can be used without limitations. The use of a full-size sticker has the advantage that it cannot be removed after the production.
An especially elegant and valuable branding is the surface embossing in aluminium sheet. In doing so the motif is embossed and creates an extraordinary 3D-effect. The last interesting branding possibility would be the laser engraving. Thanks to the fine laser engraving a valuable and discreet motif is created on the LIBERO-folder.
With these techniques, the folders receive their individual value. For the interior design of the folders, individual specifications are taken into account and realized whenever possible. Here are some examples:

  • foam inlays with cut-outs, customised according to specifications
  • leather-/plastic-inlays made for conferences

Different colour variants can be realised as well.


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