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Cases of the product line PICASE N are approved classics

The plastic cases of the product line PICASE N are characterised by their classical, functional design. The geometrical shape is very beneficial for space utilisation when it comes to storing the necessary products and samples. The polypropylene shell is very tough and the hinges are strengthened by steel cores as special feature which emphasizes the quality of the product line. The plastic locks can be selected by choice from a large colour range.

Classical, purposeful and always applicable – black plastic case is timeless and universally suitable. It can individually adjusted to the product- and market-specific requirements. A logo-printing combined with a corresponding lock colour creates an eye-catcher of harmonic design.

Design possibilities with plastic cases

Plastic cases of our series PICASE are marked by their hinges with steel core and 90° lid positioners. The lid is removable. 8 standard colours and diverse lock colours of choice are available. This colour variety allows a case solution according to your individual corporate design. For the features

  • case corpus
  • lock
  • lid positioner

an additional value of the case can be created with the help of different colours. Further individualisation can be achieved by a printing on the case shells, e.g. a screen printing or digital printing with your logo.

To the downloads

Thanks to mould-labelling, a full-colour-design without restrictions can be realised for the product lines PICASE and PICASE XL. During this production technique, a folio with a motif fusions with the surface of the case to an inseparable union which guarantees an optimal durability. Naturally, we offer you foam inlays for protection and presentation for all series. Only with a professional interior design the case can become a good solution. Through different types of production, e.g. punching, milling, form cutting and water jet cutting, most valuable products can be presented in customised foam inlays.