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Cases of the product line PICASE XL are tough and suitable for individual designs

Tough, large and functional are the features of the product line PICASE XL. At first, these attributes were more applicable on aluminium cases and lesser for plastic cases but now the need for plastic cases with the same attributes has also increased. To meet the demands, the known injection moulded cases had to gain much more stability. To achieve this goal, the product line PICASE XL was developed as tough injection moulded case. Thanks to high wall thickness combined with the case material polypropylene and a new strengthening honeycomb construction of the side walls, the case PICASE XL can carry much more weight than the cases of the product lines PICASE N and LICASE.

Large-formatted offset-printing in astonishing definition

An interesting feature of this product line is the possibility to realise a large-formatted offset-printing in astonishing definition and excellent attention to detail. This is achieved by mould-labelling and means that at first a motif is printed with offset-printing on a fine plastic folio. The motif folio is laid into the injection moulding tool during the production process. The injection of hot plastic into the tool causes the folio to fusion with the corpus material of the case and after the case is removed from the tool, it builds a homogeneous, not removable unit. Various design possibilities for sample and presentation cases can be realised that way.

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Tough variants of polypropylene-cases characterise our product line PICASE XL, which have very robust constructions thanks to their double-walled plastic shells. PICASE types 48 and 57 have a stable honeycomb construction that allows transport of heavy product parts, e.g. machine components.


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