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Container and case inlays made of foam individually manufactured

Presentation with a special touch. Foam inlays for cases make it possible. Valuable aluminium cases of highest quality; functional, inexpensive plastic cases; exquisite interior design and the combination of aesthetics and protection can be the crucial factors in standing out from the competition. Customized milled foam inlays add to a sophisticating presentation of individual products in cases.

With modern technology, KKC Koffer GmbH offers possibilities to present the wide range of products, product parts and tools in a functional as well as organised way. With that, product features, quality and reliability can be especially emphasised in a sample case.

KKC manufactures individual foam inlays on own machinery according to specifications in different variants. Whether 1-coloured foam or 2-coloured foam solutions, KKC is the first contact partner and solution provider for complete sample cases. You can trust on our expertise.


Professional presentation and protection with perfect solutions

30 years expertise in the areas presentation and protection lead to outstanding designs. As an expert in these areas, we offer you individual, customised and functional interior designs. In addition to the case, a case inlay is also of great importance. In contrast to many market competitors, KKC manufactures the interior fittings and foam inlays itself.

The company KKC Koffer GmbH offers suitable methods and solutions to present your product range in an organised way that leads to purchase incentives through a professional presentation. With that, product features like quality as well as professionality of the sales representative can be emphasised. A variety of high quality polyolefin-foams are used for the interior design of aluminium cases as protection and presentation medium. Thanks to their special features, quality and variety of attractive colours, these foams are favoured materials for case inlays.

Special features:

  1. light weighted and durable
  2. resistant against many chemicals
  3. non-toxic
  4. odourless
  5. variety of colours
  6. fine-celled
  7. from soft and flexible to stiff and solid structure
  8. outstanding impact-resistant feature
  9. low internal tension
  10. no migration of residual foaming agents (prevents the tarnish of precious metals)

Polyethylene-foams are available in different densities. They are foamed in free surrounding (which functions similar to the backing of bread) and have a low internal tension. The foamed block has a relatively homogeneous structure but like other backed subjects, the foam cells in the outer areas of the block are different in their density and size than the core cells. This explains the small differences of the foam plates cut from the block and is not avoidable. The customer has to accept these differences of the material.