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PROFESSIONAL – individual diversity of sample cases

Technical and flexible. No other product line offers a higher flexibility combined with stability at the same time. The product line PROFESSIONAL is distinguished by its stable construction. Case solutions in nearly any dimension can be realised without problem. Especially tough surfaces made of laminate in connection with an aluminium profile frame build the stable construction.

Intensely tested locks, hinges and handles guarantee a high-quality case solution that will be able to perform a long-term service reliably. For a fast demand, we have 14 different case variants in various sizes on stock. With foam inlays, standard cases can be individualised ex 10 pcs purchase amount. A completely individualised PROFESSIONAL-case can be created ex 10 pcs purchase amount.

Professional cases to the smallest detail

The product line PROFESSIONAL guarantees professionality to the smallest detail and is the all-round usable case model. Through its technical building, this product line is the case-system with the most possible types of construction. Therefore, it is especially suitable for individual production and conception of special, customer-orientated applications. At the same time it can be used as a reliable transport- as well as professional presentation-solution for many industries.

The various types of construction enable the manufacturing of a sample case in nearly any dimension, e.g.:

  • width
  • depth
  • height

Accurate to the millimetre and completely individual. Aluminium-cases for customised application are easily adjusted thanks to this feature. The structure of PROFESSIONAL-cases consists of corpus panels and aluminium profiles that are combined to a stable and durable case. To fulfil any specification of the client, the surface and every other component of the case can be selected individually and combined.


Round about the aluminium case “Made in Germany”

Aluminium cases connect on of the most interesting elements of the earth with innovative ideas, well-developed design and high responsibility for humans and environment.

Working material aluminium
Aluminium stands out as a material with diverse features. It has a very light weight but simultaneously a high stability and is easily formable. The material creates value and is characterised by a long durability. Because of these features, aluminium is an ideal material for the production of cases. Products made from aluminium can be recycled repeatedly without a vast loss of quality and provide a share to the value chain.